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Welcome, in the world of Stylist Brenda Baart.

Interior advice
Do you have trouble with designing one or more rooms in your home? Based on
your needs and desires, your style and personality I’ll give you specific interior
advice. What do you get? an interior design with colour and material
information, and ideas for matching accessories and art.
All products used in the design are available through me.
Art Advice
A work of art can personalise your interior. In Pot Art Gallery, part of Pot
Interior, you’ll find a diverse range of (famous) artists and artworks.
Art is personal. When buying an artwork you’ll make a precise choice because
you want to create the right feeling. In the gallery you will receive advice and
when in doubt I will personally visit you’re home. This way, you can see the work
of art in your interior.
We work with many different artists so you’ll always find something you like.
Webshop Decoration
In our web shop, Decoration, you’ll find everything you need to completely
transform your interior. With our paint, curtains, accessories and diy products
you’ll have everything you need to create a new atmosphere in your house or
The right interior design of your store can increase potential sales. This is
both the case with certain types of visual merchandising and the traditional
decoration of shop windows. Indeed, what the eyes see…
If you want to talk to me about my work, you can follow me on Twitter,
Facebook and my Blog