‘Where the eye decides to buy'   

Your store interior

The commercial market is psychologie. People are visual creatures. Seeing things makes u want to buy things. The customers will only buy products when they and the environment are visually appealing to him or her. If the customer feels comfortable in a store, he or she will likely stay longer and will buy more. A store with a nice interior is essential for your sales volume. The consumer nowadays is critical and demanding, and the competition is bigger. Outline, presentation and space are crucial factors. I would love to help you make your store interior ideal for your customers. An interior that invites people in and that makes them stay. I am a professional interior designer, specialised in business and shop spaces. I’ll focus on the shop space, your customers and the current trends, to create the perfect shop interior for you and your business. If you’re interested in a consultation you can reach me at 06-55695523 or you can send me a mail at