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Art of Art Gallery Pot.

Art is personal. With art you turn on your feelings. Your feeling for style, ratio, but most of the time your feeling for beauty, without being able to explain. Something in the art work talks to you. Art gives a finishing touch to your interior. With art you put your own stamp on the room. An art object can give you the feeling of being home. Even in your office space. 


Art Gallery Pot

Whether you're looking for a nice addition to your current interior or you want a whole new interior, I will help you find an art object that will make the room complete. The way to finding an art object that suits your interior is by looking at the current colours in you house and the style of your interior. But the most important thing is your personal style and feelings; art is all about feelings.These works are located in the beautiful, versatile furniture store Pot Interior. Here I can show you all of them. The objects have the data of the artist, the artwork itself and qr-code link which will lead you to my website where you’ll find more information. When buying an art work you receive the certificate of the piece and a free art styling  offer. The work can be delivered at your house. When you’re in doubt, I’ll bring different works to determine which suits best in the room. This way you’ll be sure of your purchase. I have very good contacts with all the artists. Because of this, customised art objects are possible. From a varied range of about 50 artists, each unique and perfect in their own style, you will certainly find a beautiful work of art for your home.


Interior Advice

Besides helping you find an art object, I’m an Interior designer. Which means I’m also able to help you decide the colours and forms in your interior. But I’m also able to design a completely new interior for you. The art object can be the starting point of this interior but also the finishing touch. All the articles used in my interior advice can be found in my web shop, Decoration, and Pot Interior. When buying an interior design you receive a discount on the used products.  


 For a personal art advice, you can always find me on Sunday afternoons at 

Pot Interieur

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You can also contact me on the following number: 06-55695523

Brenda :”Art is an important part of my life: I enjoy it working wit art, it gives me a good feeling. I followed styling, decorating and interior courses. Which I can put to use in the wonderful design store Pot.  For me the combining of an interior with an art work is a very challenging mission. I see and feel the emotions of the artist, and want to strengthen these emotions in the interior where the art work is installed. Its always a special experience when a visitor finds an artwork that both matches their interior and personality. That right match, that gives me satisfaction. I’ll be happy to assist you in finding the perfect art work."